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Strategic thinking
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we can bring new
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Supported by our learning, keen observations and research, we perceive design as a process that has two faces to its application, firstly design as a process to create meaningful communication in the form of tangible and intangible deliverables, secondly as a problem solving methodology with strategic thinking and execution tools. Demotic Studios uses design thinking to develop strategies that are based on a deep understanding your market and customer. Through design research, user experience testing, we identify how your customers contexts, behaviours and needs can be met to achieve business goals. We provide action plans and guidelines to implement your strategy successfully in the design of all your customer touchpoints, from packaging, to product, to services, to website. We help you make sure your design is speaking your strategy.

Our research leads us to find insights of consumer behaviour and emotions to give shape to most widely accepted brand identities and company offerings. Demotic Studios consults and manages its clients brand portfolios and strives to bring more values to benchmark his client’s aspirations. We use platforms such as social media, prints, local advertising and tangible/ non-tangible communication forms to earn mass acceptance for our client’s offerings.

Key Findings

Every business faces challenges that can’t always be addressed with in-house expertise. Our team with our CD's direction brings collective enthusiasm and know-how to provide you with tailored solutions, by applying our process, interactive design thinking sessions and research tools. Take a look at some of the challenges we have explored in recent projects -

Challenges Client's face today -
  • Integrating Design into company's visioning and operational strategies
  • Identifying future opportunities
  • Understanding customers and engaging with demographies
  • Strategically shaping customer touch-points
  • Exploring new market and overcoming cultural barriers in advertising communication
  • Innovating with an optimum problem solving approach
  • Ensuring user friendly solutions in Business to Business markets


Based on design, fashion, economic and socio-cultural research that offers insights into emerging and future trends, most of our time is spent in keeping ourselves updated with fast changing times. Applying this know-how and vast work experience from different sectors of industries, we offer consultation in product and service design, brand development and branding, advertising and experiential marketing. We often hire consultants and experts to collaborate at works, these individuals bring valuable skill sets and perspectives to our deliverables.


Designing an Identity representing MPOGs of a company is the stepping stone to a successful enterprise. Our process and interactive sessions help brands, companies and corporate institutions to form inspiring mission statements followed with identity and corporate stationaries. A thoughtfully done, influencial identity not only inspires customers, but also motivates employees. We consider various factors such as cost of production, print distribution and ease of application across various media platforms, while consulting for logo and stationary design.


Demotic Studios uses tools such as trend extrapolation, demographic research, opportunity mapping, envisioning and contextual research to develop forward-looking strategies for brand design and development. With our people, process and insights, we strive to bring value to benchmark our client’s aspirations.


Our Advertising services extends to various domains and media, starting with envisioning and strategy design, we use platforms such as social media, prints, local advertising and tangible/ non-tangible communication forms to inspire demographies and earn mass acceptance and buying decisions for our client's offerings .

Exhibition Design

Demotic Studios offers Commercial Space & Exhibition design as an experiential touch point for building better scenarios for user experiences and brand engagement.

Interaction Design

We design Human Computer Interactions that enhances the way people access and retrive information, communicate and interact by making products, services or applications that are easy to use, enjoyable and efficient.