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I-Contrast Icecream

I-Contrast Icecreams came to us looking for a strategic brand revival, branding and design standarisation for all icecream stores, parlours and retail vehicles. Following our Creative Director's consultation and direction, our team came up with solutions that not only amazed I-Contrast's business owners but also proved to be a commercial hit. Today, I-Contrast is expanding in all parts of Gujarat, India and has become a chain of icecream retail stores offering franchise in stores and retail vehicles (Ice-cream Vehicles) formats.

  • Client

    • Icontrast Ice-creams
  • Services

    • Redefining the brand
    • Packaging design
    • Ice-cream Van Graphics
    • Signages, Store design & Invitations design
New concept design for I-contrast Icecreams with the most sold flavours in the subject demographics - Chocolate & Strawberry flavours themes -

New packaging for icecream cups on the finalised concept -

Concept & Design for Ice-Cream Van, the idea was to wrap seamlessly a custom built van into I-Contrast's branding strategically for maximum exposure to offerings and inspiring experience to consumers, fortunately this was first time in India to design a commercial vehicle like this -

Store Design for I-Contrast, we consulted and design all communication for the project. Inventively we came up with brandings, graphics, signages, menu and promotions for the store -