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Denim Garage

Consulted and proposed by Demotic Studios, Denim Garage is an initiative from Nandan Denim Ltd.. An Indigo research laboratory where Indigo art and technology breakeven. Artists, Designer and Denim Engineers come together at Denim Garage to make handcrafted masterpieces made from Denim fabric and natural Indigo. Believing Denim application and the art of Indigo dying has a vast unexplored world in it, the project proposed to find newer applications to touch human lifestyles and everyday living.

Nandan Denims Ltd. first web-presence -

Having amazed with our first engagement as a design partner, we were later invited by Nandan Denims to redesign the first website -

Conceptualising the space Denim Garage led us to the plan for Denim Garage, we worked with a team of contractors and vendors to get our plan and design for the space executed. We conceptualised this space a work place as well as showcase area for the developed products in Denim Garage. Later on, we collaborated with Nandan Design team to design the first set of collections which was available for display in the strategically designed five themes display room in Denim Garage - Kids, Retro, Tribal, Party & Nightlife and Futuristic -

As a part of the project Denim Garage, we were invited to design five collections for next season, our team worked throughly with Nandan Denim team to conceptualise and design these collections for them, followed with consultation on sample design and development -