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Baroda Polyform Pvt. Ltd. is a company of professionalism, high standard and integrity with knowledgeable staff and good attention to detail. The company is today a market leader in Plastics Products and Custom Moulding Solution for small to large scale domestic and commercial sectors.

Demotic Studios is the creative agency to Baroda Polyform Pvt. Ltd. Working together past 4 years, now the company has four international brands to its portfolio contracted with Demotic Studios for advertising and management. Stratergic promotions include prints, web, exhibitions, movies and presentations. Demotic Studios have been engaged in Brand design and promotion activities for Super, The Glutt and Spirit Paddle Kayaks for the company. Since our engagemment with the brands, they have gain a synonymous name in the consumer and industrial markets, potential no. of fans and followers on social media, making them one of the most popular products brand in the subject segments. Take a look at some of the works that we have permission to share on our website with our client's consent -