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C6 is new generation of plastics resins that facilitate making of long lasting, robust plastics products. When we were informed by the client Baroda Polyform that they would be using a new generation of plastics to make products, which is going to add new features to our products. We were asked to design communication for this new upgrade, after a lot of research and hits and trials with this chemistry upgrade finally we landed with birth of a Super Hero Mr.C6, a representation of two more carbon bonds in polymerisation process with New Generation C6 grade polymers for Plastics Moulding.

What is C6 ? Take a look at some selected slides from the presentation designed to explain C6 -

What will not work in this case -

The challenge got us thinking for a week and was one of the nightmares to come up with a communication design which can be understood by a moderately educated person from a village to a PHD. fellow all at once, as the target demographic set was so complex. Finally this led to the rise of a new Super Hero - Mr. C6, and got us a new case study in strategic advertising.

Once finalised we started applying this new communication concept to product branding and promotions -