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Super Plastics Branding

Demotic Studios has been engaged in designing and developing the brand 'Super Plastics'. Super Plastics offers an exhaustive portfolio which extends into three sectors of demographics - Industrial, Consumer Lifestyle & Water Tanks. We under contract with Baroda Polyform manage and advertise for this brand for Indian subcontinent markets. Check out some branding that has been done at our Studio for various Super Industrial products.

Stickers for branding Super Water Tanks new offering 4 layers Ultra water tanks -

Branding for moulds for Super Eco Pallets, these designs were engraved into the mould walls to give a ebossed branding effect for Super Plastics branding -

Stickers for branding the value addition that C6 New Generation HDPE resin bring to Super Industrial and Water Tanks products -

Warranty Cards designed for Super Water Tanks -

Product Documentation Manual designed for Super Water Tanks, the key concern was to avoid accidents and damage to tanks while installation at the site -